A downloadable game for Windows

A puzzle-game where the screen position of your character has an influence on a few weather conditions...

Made in 48 hours for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam

Code/Art/Music >> Damien 'Dayko' Le Guen

SFX >> from freesound.org

Average sessionA few seconds

Install instructions

Mouse-Click >> Play

ESC >> Pause

Additional Hints (*spoilers*)
>> Each variation is affected by your projected position in 2D: top of the screen = wind, bottom = night, left to right = the 4 seasons
>> Pond scene: if the wind gets too calm... you might want to combine it with another weather trick
>> Flying scene: this part is more contemplary than challenging and mark the end of the game... unless if you want the secret ending, you might want to pay attention to some detail in the background :)


AShortOddyseyInTime.zip 20 MB


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I thought this was very charming and creative. Please make more! The puzzles were a little finicky if you didn't approach them properly from the get-go, but this was really great work for a gamejam game overall, I hope you're proud! Cheers, and I hope you enjoy my Lumps Play (with pop-up style commentary, something new!)